Portal considered Government of Sudan (www.esudan.gov.sd) A comprehensive center for all e-government services and the main channel through which to provide all kinds of services to individuals, business and government and visitors Sudan information to conduct transactions as the gate represents a gateway for information and data and government services seven days a week around the clock non-stop in Arabic and English, and the resulting skip this geographical dimension of the Republic of Sudan to the prospects for the global competition for the provision of data and government services to citizens and residents at any time, which in turn leads to highlight the positive effects of the use of information technology to achieve high levels of competitiveness and transparency in government business. This shift enhance the role of information and communication technology in all aspects of life, and is working to motivate the public to integrate with the new world of information technology and make use of advanced information and communication technology is an integral part of their daily. Portal allows visitors the ability to recognize a lot of information and services, systems and laws relating to the Republic of Sudan through multiple access channels such as the Web or various means of communications technology. In accordance e-government portal with the strategic vision of the Republic of Sudan site and through the provision of services and interactive transactions including online payment, and also will be through the gate to provide an ideal platform for customers to submit their suggestions and opinions and participate in the formulation of government policies and improve methods of service delivery site. The launch of e-government portal site in the May 23, 2007 and the National Information Center Advisory arm of the state administered as part of the National Strategy of the Republic of Sudan in the implementation of comprehensive programs for e-government. The designers of the portal site when it was created taking into account the need to comply with internationally approved technical standards to ensure that users of the electronic gate to the highest levels of efficiency in the use, performance and security of the contents. And realized the possibility of access to electronic services by providing electronic services through the gate, either through integration with other government agencies, or by providing websites for those party links and services on the portal. In addition, the gate:

• Represents an important outlet in terms of information to spread news related to repablic of Sudan, and current events in their regions.

• provides a governmental bodies guide .

• Portal provides a large number of rules and regulations and laws, plans and initiatives Sudanese links.

• Section provides "for Sudan," which pages contain information about the Republic of Sudan.