Security&Privacy Policy

Security and Privacy Policy

First: Privacy Policy

Considered and conditions Privacy policy described below is part of the conditions of use of the official website of the electronic gate of the Republic of Sudan ( and its provisions . Does not ( collect personal information about you when you visit the site unless you choose to specifically and knowingly provide such information to us. May obtain to your personal data that can be use to get to know your personality, through:

1-Sending an e-mail message to the central device.

2-Mobilization of existing e-application form portal.

3-Entering data for a particular electronic service on the portal.

In this case, the National Information Center can share this data with other government agencies involved in order to provide the best services with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness, but if this review is prohibited under the laws of the Republic of Sudan National Information Center does not provide any personal information or share them with non-governmental actors, unless the authorities officially authorized to perform certain government services. .National Information Center retains the extent that it needs from the personal data that is entered through the portal in order to raise the level of effectiveness of the services provided when necessary to do so. Please update any personal data have been provided with the National Center for information or submitted to government bodies that provide electronic services through the portal of the Government of the Republic of Sudan. In order to accelerate the mobilization of electronic application forms and the introduction of e-services data and electronic transactions to get the highest level of service operations can be performed Center automatic completion of the data that has been entered by the portal or that have been provided by the government side .Is secured personal data transfers through the portal to and from governmental or non-governmental agencies using the latest appropriate information security techniques to ensure their protection.

So it took store your personal data to the National Information Center, a secure data storage process using the latest appropriate information security technologies. Holds the government agencies that provide electronic services through the portal of the government to provide these services and assume full responsibility for the security and save any personal data privacy after moving it through Portal.In order to provide excellent services for visitors to the state's official web portal,its pages contain links to other sites, governmental or non-governmental organizations, Those other sites are different policies, and practices for keeping data and privacy has, from those followed by the National Information Center. When visitors navigate portal to any external site, leaving the field of security and protection that Portal provided for visitors and are subject to the privacy policies applied by these external sites. National Information Center recommends reviewing the privacy policies of external sites before making any transactions through them. National Information Center is used commercial software to monitor network traffic to identify illegal to destroy or upload or change, damage, or burglary at their own official portal of the State Information attempts. This, to maintain the security of the site and this service remains available to all users.

This, to maintain the security of the site and this service remains available to all users. Strictly prohibits any illegal attempt to upload information or change information on this portal, and any individual who is not authorized operations on the site is exposed to legal accountability and be liable to punishment under the law.

Second: security policy

Sudan Portal is committed to protecting the rights of all visitors to this site. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information, have created this declaration on security and privacy for the disclosure of our approach in the collection and dissemination of information on this website.

Collection and use of electronic information

Working with our server, automatically, to capture your IP address when you visit the site. (Your IP address is your computer's unique, which allows other computers attached to the Internet know where to send data, but without known personal identity). Did you mean: If we use your IP helps us diagnose problems with our server, and to make the necessary statistics to measure the use of the site, and we do not allow anyone outside the framework of the technical team to Sudan electronic gate access to your IP In order to provide better service and more efficient electronic site, some parts of this site use cookie programs (cookies) as part of the interaction with the browser. Cookie is a small text file (usually the size of a few bytes) send it to your hard drive to enable our server to identify your computer. The cookie will not be sent from us trying to read any of the information on your hard drive, and we do not collect information from the cookie through programs with other personal information in order to determine your identity or your email address. When you visit certain parts of this site, you may be asked to provide personal information to the definition of identity (such as name, address, sex, and possibly credit card) number, all of which are necessary to complete the transaction information. However, the card number will not be stored and never under any circumstances. But if you refuse to provide such information, you limit our ability to serve you. But in any case continue to invite you to visit our site and take advantage of the valuable information provided by.

Secure transmission of information

We invite you to check that this site has security measures to protect the information that you provide to us. We are working on information that is sensitive encryption (such as credit card numbers) or data to be kept confidential in line with legal requirements.

Protection of personal information

Your personal information will be available only to government employees who need to see it. That information will not be available for public inspection is consent. Moreover will not be exchanged or traded, any such information or sell it to any third party without your prior consent .. not being allowed access to the information only qualified professionals for those who provide the government of Sudan gateway services consistent with your dealings with our site

Other sites

This Privacy Policy applies to the gate of the government of Sudan only. If I moved to another location through (, You should read the privacy policy of this site to determine the approved practices there.