In light of the constitutional and legal developments inherent in the modern state , and the increasing ties between institutions and individuals, Maalazemha of complications was necessary to facilitate access to the laws that clarify the rights and obligations of employees.

Computer crime law

This law raised the proportion of the evolution of mail in Technology information and the evolution of the crime and the diversity of ways of perpetrating.

Electronic Transactions Act

Proportion to the increasing prevalence of e-commerce and e- transactions and what you need from the availability of confidence and safety had to be a law that regulates.

Investment Law

.This law is characterized by including the rehabilitation projects, which include reconstruction activities and modernization and expansion of existing projects in order to increase its production capacity and to exempt imports of investment projects of value added tax and customs

Constitution of the Sudan

In the framework of the Constitution regulates all rights and duties are based on the laws in each state , and the current constitution is the Transitional Constitution of 2005.

Sudanese criminal law

This law came after the cancellation of the Penal Law of 1983 , a law which deals with crime and punishment of the.

Personal Status Law

This law is the foundation that organizes the family through the related issues of marriage and divorce , and inheritance and other.

Labour Law

  • Preliminary Provisions
  • Manpower
  • Vocational training

Civil Transactions Act

  • State Constitution
  • Document of Rights
  • National Executive Authority
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