Tourist sites

    Pyramid Merowe

    In Sudan, about 220 pyramid, the largest number of Egyptian pyramid.
    There Northern State and away from Khartoum 500 km,
    One of the oldest pyramids in the Nile Valley is Established by
    the Kushite rulers ,Besides the pyramids, there are several ancient temples,
    including the Temple of Assad Apedemak, And the Temple of Amun,
    the Roman and the kiosk and all located in the city of Naqaa addition
    to Musawwarat area And by some of the old Nubian Archeological

    Old Sawakin

    Located on the western bank of the Red Sea between Massawa and Port Sudan.
    It is port The old Sudan come back the history of the port To Pharaonic times.
    Passing through all Epochs and ages this site date back to the last two centuries.
    And visualization Architecture and huge buildings So it was said that the Hodeidah
    I found out that the image of engineers and tectonic they brought from the land of Hijaz. ,
    Sawakin today is Archeolgical Ruins it indicate to the greatness of the city, which was.

    Al Begrawiya

    Is the capital of the oldest kingdom of Merowe including:
    1. Monarchy City: An ancient Merowe site of the fourth century
    BC And it includes several temples such as the Temple of the god Amon and imperator”
    August " And other spread buildings in the city as well as Roman baths,
    We also note dunes spread buildings in the city As a result the For prosperity
    iron industry Known to this culture So-called historians name Birmingham Africa.
    2. Pyramids East: Located four kilometers to the east of the Monarchy
    city It Cemeteries of the kings and queens of the kingdom of Merowe.
    3. Western pyramids: the located between the monarchy city
    and eastern pyramids. A small-sized pyramids for men tiles monarchy
    There is also a minister and the remnants of the Temple of the sun.