NoName of SubordinateThe web site
1 The National Council for Human Resources Development Training
2 Center for Strategic Studies
3 Agency Sudan Development
4 National Insurance Fund Healthy
5 Government property management
6 General Administration of Customs
7 Consultation Center and Industrial Research
8 Police
9 National Information Center
10 Housing Fund and longevity
11 General Directorate of National Service
12 Aid Commission internal Humanitarian
13 Sudan Academy of Sciencehttp://www.
14 The military-economic Defense
15 karary University of Tqana _Defense
16 Committee of electronic authentication
17 Aviation Authority civil-defense
18 Energy Commission Aldhirah
19 Airports Holding Company Sudan Limited
20 Merowe Dam Electricity Company Mahdodh
21 General Authority for Surveyer
22 Office of choice and civilian national service
23 Dams Implementation Unithttp://
24 Council to organize accounting and auditing profession
25 Bureau Alzakah- care and social security
26 Authority project Trotai Kenana and Alarhad
27 General Authority for parties industrialized care and social security
28 General Authority for Radio and TV
29 Registered organizations Labor
30 Registered owners of agricultural production and Animal