The National Legislature represent the popular will and the carrying out of national legislation and control of the National Executive , upgrade decentralized governance system as well so they are in charge of amending the constitution and discuss the speech President of the Republic , the ratification of the declaration of war , the support of a state of emergency or termination , the ratification of the annual allocation of resources and revenues , the removal of the President or the Attorney General or any other duties prescribed by the Constitution or the law , and consists of two houses : the Legislative Council and the Council of States

National Council

The Council is in charge of all national specialties and adoption of plans, programs and policies relating to the state and society as that of the annual budget Taskses leave and pass resolutions on general issues and many other legislative responsibilities.

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Council of States

Of the Council of States, the task of initiating a genuine national legislation on decentralized governance and other tasks that meet the interests of States in order to achieve development and delivery of public services fairly and equality and support for decision-making system.

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